Welcome to Baseball

ETA: Tomorrow, I promise we’ll talk football. Believe me, I have opinions on the Brett Favre issue.

Unbelievable. The Mets lead the game from inning 3 to the top of the 9th and then the Phillies completely destroy all of the bullpen once the starter – Santana – is taken out and ultimately lose the damn game 8-6.

1st in the series, another one tomorrow night.

It’s so easy to get into this, especially when you have no life that you’re giving up. I don’t know whether that deserves a smiley or a sad face. 🙂 😦 David Wright, please make it all better.

Eh, close enough.


The Never Ending 9th Inning

I remember now the highs and lows of watching sports. The Mets have led this game against the Phillies for 6 innings and now it is the top of the 9th, Phillies have the bases loaded, no outs and the score right now is 5-3 Mets.

Oh my goodness.

ETA: So, when you take your starting pitcher out after the 8th inning, aren’t you supposed to have backup pitchers to handle the end? 

Fuck man.  The Phillies just scored 5 runs in the 9th inning. Score is now 7-5 Phillies. (Oh, did I mention you can swear on this blog?)

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This inning has been like 40 minutes and the Mets aren’t even at bat yet! Yes I know I’m a relatively new fan to the Mets and to baseball, but my God, DO SOMETHING!!!

Make that 8-5 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Who says baseball isn’t exciting?

Well, I certainly did until I found a basball team to root for. I’m watching the Mets take on the Phillies right now (thank you MLB.TV) and in one inning they went from no runs to 3 runs with a home run by Carlos Delgado and scores by David Wright :::sigh::: and Jose Reyes.

It was very exciting.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome! This is My Other Passion: My Random Thoughts on All Things Sports. As the title suggests, this blog is all about sports or rather, my opinion, analysis, and interesting finds and photos of the sports I like and/or care about. That and gushing. Oh, there will be a lot of gushing.

Quick things to note about me. I am a girl in the general Boston area. I love television, movies, and musical theater. I don’t have an athletic bone in my body and have never played an organized sport. But I love watching sports and talking about them and the athletes the play them. Oh, and I am 100% positive that the New England Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on any one sport, though I’m familiar with many. Football is my sport of choice and is the one closest to my heart. I grew up occasionally watching with my father and brother and spent the better part of high-school in the marching band, rooting on the school team. Yes I was am a band geek. My team, the team I live for, is obviously the New England Patriots. I believe in Tom Brady.

Basketball would be next. Having followed the recent playoffs and finals, I remembered how much I enjoy this sport.  I’m pretty familiar with the game and the rules and all that. I don’t know any sport that is as thrilling to watch as basketball. My brother was 6’2″ and loved the game so most of what I know comes from what I learned from him teaching me in our driveway when we were kids. I’m a recent convert to the NBA and, on this sport, I will go with the Boston default, the Boston Celtics.

To complete the triangle, baseball has just entered my sports life. For years, I have criticized the game for being boring and slow-paced. It wasn’t until recently that I started to get into the game a little more, though I doubt I’ll ever love it as much as I do football. So this sport will be a learning experience for me – you should come along for the ride. But hear me now. I DO NOT root for the Boston Red Sox. I have my reasons. The team I follow is the New York Mets. Deal with it.

While these three sports will dominate the discussion on here, other sport-related topics should pop up now and then. Posts will be tagged for easy recognition.

I hope you come visit often and leave – tasteful – comments. I will delete any comments that are offensive or too vulgar (notice I use “too”). If you have something negative to say about the Patriots, say it tastefully.

Finally, here are some things to remember while reading My Other Passion:

  • I’m a girl – that means I like looking at hot athletes and that will be a part of this blog
  • I’m not an expert on anything
  • I have backup teams for each of the three majors – all of the teams come from Cleveland.
  • You have the right to bash my teams if I bash your teams. That includes the Boston Red Sox. 🙂 It’s just part of the fun.

Hope you enjoy!

Swearing allowed – but nothing too horrible. 🙂 thanks!