Jet Favre

Quite incredible, I must say. Brett Favre going to the New York Jets. After a month of back and forth, Favre goes to a team that has about as much chance of making the playoffs as the Giants did of winning the Super Bowl last year.

Oh wait.

Please, the Jets are not making the playoffs. First, they have to get by the New England Patriots and that isn’t going to happen. The big showdown between Favre and Brady is not going to go to the old man.

Second, the Jets have to then contend with the rest of the division- the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills made a good go at trying to get to the playoffs last year and there’s no reason that I’ve heard of to think they won’t try again this year. The Dolphins, now under Bill Parcell, could be better than last year. How could they be worse? Especially if Chad Pennigton, former Jet quarterback, goes to Florida instead of Minnesota.

So right there, the Jets are fighting for a wild card spot. In the AFC, there are just too many teams competing for that. Jacksonville (since the Colts are in the same division), Cleveland and/or Pittsburgh (if my dreams come true and the Browns win that division), perhaps the Bills as well.

Favre needs a miracle season. I’m not ruling that out, by the way. It is entirely possible that Favre will revive the Jets and have a monster season and get into the playoffs.

But the road to the next Super Bowl goes through New England. Hasn’t Brett been paying attention to training camp reports? The motto for the Patriots this year is “Finish.”

When the Pats get done with the Jets, that’s exactly what Favre will be. Finished.

Yes, expect a lot more anti-Favre talk. I hate that guy.


Matt Cassel, We Still Love You!

The biggest story out of Patriots training camp this year has to do with the backup quarterback. Ah, I’m liking this season already.

Well, the first preseason game against the (stinkin’) Baltimore Ravens is currently on. Matt Cassel, resident qb backup for Tom Brady, started. He went a few unsuccessful snaps. He threw an interception….

And he’s out of the game. Now it is the guy with the funny name that I can’t spell – or say. #7 I think.

I’ve always liked Matt Cassel, the little we’ve gotten to see of him anyway. I’m pulling for him to get the backup spot this year but tonight did not do much to help him.

With the way the Patriots are stinking up this field tonight, I wonder if the key to this team really is Tom Brady. I mean, I know he’s wonderful – I’m wearing his jersey for Pete’s sake – but I also believe that the rest of the Patriots belong in the elite club as well. It’s only preseason. Doesn’t count.

But my God.

Oh and I totally just squeed like a little girl and went to pet the TV screen because they finally showed a shot of Tom Brady standing by Belichick. My night is complete.

He did me Wright – but I wasn’t there to hear it.

I cannot believe this happened. I was at work listening to the Mets/Padres game this afternoon. The game started at 12:10pm. I made sure I went to get lunch before that time so that I could listen to the entire game. I had a meeting at 3 but thought for sure the game would be over by then.

Right. Or Wright, I should say.

It’s 2:55pm. The score is tied at 3, bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. Mets are at bat and out comes my favorite player, David Wright. I’m being called to my meeting but I yell that it’s the end of the game and I’ll be right there. I listen to Wright miss the first pitch. I throw my headphones down and go to my meeting, not knowing how the game will turn out.

An hour later, I come back and check the score. Apparently on that very next pitch, David Wright hit a two-run home run to win the game for the Mets 5-3 and Shea Stadium went nuts.

And I missed it. đŸ˜¦ I saw it online this evening but it’s not the same. I’m so upset about this, I can’t even tell you. At least #5 got out of his slump this afternoon.