In the Patriots I Trust

WOOT! Start of training camp for the New England Patriots today! I know I’m not the only blogger, writer, or breathing person out there saying this today but thank God a new season is upon us.

It’s funny. Any soundbite or quip you’ve heard from the Patriots players this off season regarding that thing that happened in February – no, I will not name it – has been nothing short of what you’d expect from Belichick and company. “We’ve put it behind us.” “That was last season, we’re looking forward.” That’s great, Tom. Thank you, Rodney. But what about us? What about the fans?

For myself, it was at least the middle of March or early April before I could even begin to think about the Patriots again without getting seriously sad. But then this town went Red Sox crazy and the Celtics got into the playoffs and then the finals and somehow my misery took a backseat to other issues, all the while the start date for the new season was being circled on my calendar.

And now we come to the start of training camp. We’re two weeks out from the first pre-season game against the EVIL Baltimore Ravens. While it was imperative that the Patriots organization quickly put that – thing – behind them as soon as possible, for us fans now is the time that we get to put it behind us as well.

As of right now, last season doesn’t matter. 16-0 means nothing because right now, the Patriots are 0-0. This year’s Super Bowl means nothing, the first game against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 7th is all that we should think about.

Oh, and of course we should think about this:

If you want a better write up of this, go to the Boston Globe site (on the blogroll on here) and read the analysis there. It sums my feelings up pretty well.

And the New England Patriots will kick ass this year. That’s just a given. YAY FOOTBALL!


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