In the Patriots I Trust

WOOT! Start of training camp for the New England Patriots today! I know I’m not the only blogger, writer, or breathing person out there saying this today but thank God a new season is upon us.

It’s funny. Any soundbite or quip you’ve heard from the Patriots players this off season regarding that thing that happened in February – no, I will not name it – has been nothing short of what you’d expect from Belichick and company. “We’ve put it behind us.” “That was last season, we’re looking forward.” That’s great, Tom. Thank you, Rodney. But what about us? What about the fans?

For myself, it was at least the middle of March or early April before I could even begin to think about the Patriots again without getting seriously sad. But then this town went Red Sox crazy and the Celtics got into the playoffs and then the finals and somehow my misery took a backseat to other issues, all the while the start date for the new season was being circled on my calendar.

And now we come to the start of training camp. We’re two weeks out from the first pre-season game against the EVIL Baltimore Ravens. While it was imperative that the Patriots organization quickly put that – thing – behind them as soon as possible, for us fans now is the time that we get to put it behind us as well.

As of right now, last season doesn’t matter. 16-0 means nothing because right now, the Patriots are 0-0. This year’s Super Bowl means nothing, the first game against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 7th is all that we should think about.

Oh, and of course we should think about this:

If you want a better write up of this, go to the Boston Globe site (on the blogroll on here) and read the analysis there. It sums my feelings up pretty well.

And the New England Patriots will kick ass this year. That’s just a given. YAY FOOTBALL!



Remember when I said that there would be gushing on here? Tomorrow we’ll focus on football for the start of Patriots Training Camp, but today it is all about David Wright – doing us wright. đŸ™‚

Notice he sticks out his tongue a lot? đŸ™‚

Last one…


Mets: Steppin’ Up

This seems to be the story of the morning concerning the bad loss of the Mets last night. A handful of players are stepping up and trying to lead this team to at least get to the playoffs. But not enough have gotten past the infamous collapse of last fall and not enough are taking leadership roles now.

The New York Times has a great write up by William Rhoden. Read it here:

I agree that, in my very short time of following the Mets, David Wright seems to me to be emerging as the face of the team. What a pretty face it is too.

Hopefully tonight will be better. At least I get to watch this one on TV and not on a small box screen on my laptop.

Will You Please Just Get On With It Or Go Away!

I’ve been waiting for so long to talk about this. This whole Brett Favre situation is the most ridiculous story of the summer so far. For those of you who haven’t followed the (ongoing) saga, this is the gist: Brett Favre, a few weeks after being coldly beaten by the scummy New York Giants in the NFC Championship last January, made a teary-eyed announcement stating his retirement from the NFL and the Green Bay Packers. The quarterback is a football legend who was having a stellar year last season but for whatever reason decided to call it quits. So long, Brett Favre.

But not quite. This man flip-flops more than John McCain. Cut to early summer and we start hearing from the Favre camp that he has been practicing at local gyms and high schools and that he feels pretty good. Then comes the announcement from Favre that he is thinking of playing pro again. Then comes the announcement from the Packers that they don’t need a quarterback, they have Aaron Rodgers (Rogers?). And since, chaos has ensued.

You got the one side, probably many of the Packers faithfuls, pressuring the team to take the legendary and still effective quarterback back. He’s Brett Favre. Green Bay has to take him. Then you got the other side saying that the man willingly retired and was replaced. If he wants to come back, he’s gonna have to come back somewhere else or in a different role – possibly backup quarterback.

My take on the situation is this: Brett Favre retired. Whether or not the Green Bay brass pressured him to is not the point (Favre is a grown man and a superstar, he can make his own decisions). If Brett Favre wants to come back to football, he has to be allowed to but it shouldn’t be to Green Bay. They have a very young, vibrant team and who knows where they can go with Aaron Rogers. Favre failed to deliver in crunch time in that frozen NFC Champ game (remember that interception?). There are at least a dozen football organizations that could take Favre as starting quarterback. He’d have a chance to take a down and out team to stardom and glory and, given the guy’s skills, I bet he could. Green Bay needs to trade him out and get on with this. There training camp starts Saturday and that team, if they are ever going to gel this season, needs to get behind their quarterback early, especially if it is a new starter like Rodgers.

But, to play devil’s advocate for a moment, I will put myself in the shoes of a Green Bay fan. If after the Super Bowl, Tom Brady had come out and said he’s retiring, I would have been devastated. If in the summer months, Brady had come back and said, “You know what, I feel like playing for another season. Put me in as the starting quarterback again for the Patriots,” would I not have felt overwhelming joy? No offense to Matt Cassel – or the 500 hundred other contenders the Patriots have right now for backup QB – but he’s Tom Brady.

See, there’s the difference for me. I don’t care how long he’s played the game, how many awards and championships he’s won. Brett Favre is no Tom Brady. Because Brady would never have done that to his team. He wouldn’t have retired until he knew he was done.

And that’s why I continue to loathe Brett Favre.

Welcome to Baseball

ETA: Tomorrow, I promise we’ll talk football. Believe me, I have opinions on the Brett Favre issue.

Unbelievable. The Mets lead the game from inning 3 to the top of the 9th and then the Phillies completely destroy all of the bullpen once the starter – Santana – is taken out and ultimately lose the damn game 8-6.

1st in the series, another one tomorrow night.

It’s so easy to get into this, especially when you have no life that you’re giving up. I don’t know whether that deserves a smiley or a sad face. đŸ™‚ đŸ˜¦ David Wright, please make it all better.

Eh, close enough.

The Never Ending 9th Inning

I remember now the highs and lows of watching sports. The Mets have led this game against the Phillies for 6 innings and now it is the top of the 9th, Phillies have the bases loaded, no outs and the score right now is 5-3 Mets.

Oh my goodness.

ETA: So, when you take your starting pitcher out after the 8th inning, aren’t you supposed to have backup pitchers to handle the end? 

Fuck man.  The Phillies just scored 5 runs in the 9th inning. Score is now 7-5 Phillies. (Oh, did I mention you can swear on this blog?)

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This inning has been like 40 minutes and the Mets aren’t even at bat yet! Yes I know I’m a relatively new fan to the Mets and to baseball, but my God, DO SOMETHING!!!

Make that 8-5 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Who says baseball isn’t exciting?

Well, I certainly did until I found a basball team to root for. I’m watching the Mets take on the Phillies right now (thank you MLB.TV) and in one inning they went from no runs to 3 runs with a home run by Carlos Delgado and scores by David Wright :::sigh::: and Jose Reyes.

It was very exciting.